Roof maintenance is one of the most important jobs that all homeowners need to take into consideration as the roof provides protection and safety against elements like weather and other damaging elements. Although there are several parts of the roof that require intensive care such as the shingles and gutter, the overall condition of the roof needs to be regularly checked.   

The gutters, most specifically, play a major role in keeping your roof at check and prevent clogging and dampness that lead to damage and roofing issues. It is the gutter that provides a passageway and guides the rainfall as well as melted snow and ice away from the roof to avoid water accumulation and leakage, and this is why it is very important to maintain a good gutter condition. If you are experiencing problems, it is recommended that you contact gutter cleaners Surrey BC for professional cleaning output.  

In this article, we focus on how to prepare your roof and gutters for the coming winter.  


Consider the following: 

  • When you are settled in an area that experiences frequent or occasional hailstorm, it doubles the necessity for a gutter checkup. Check for damages like holes, small tears, and dents on the gutter and call your roofing company to assess the damage and to replace parts that have been damaged.  
  • Check for missing or loosened shingles and replace them immediately 
  • Make sure that you have good attic insulation to prevent ice dams that may possibly form on the roof 
  • Check on the flashings around the chimneys or anything that prevents the melted snow and ice in getting into your house 
  • Clean and remove the leaves and other debris from the roof and gutters as they will potentially block the passage and water flow of the rainfall or melted ice. You can use a rake to remove the leaves and debris. You may also proceed in cleaning the whole roof and get rid of the dirt, molds, and moss to prevent further damage when the winter sets in.  
  • Add some extensions on the spouts to effectively guide the melting ice or snow farther away from the house and its base. The closer the waterfalls on the base, the closer it gets to the foundation. Repeated and frequent exposure to water might cause some damage on the house’s foundation.  
  • You can also install some leaf guards on your roof gutters to prevent more leaves from falling on the gutter and to avoid accumulating more leaves after you clean the gutter 
  • Check your sidings, interior walls, attic, and other areas and spaces that are susceptible to leakage and damage caused by rainwater or melted ice. Repair some broken roofing parts immediately.  



In general, roofs can last in between 15-25 years, depending on the materials used, their durability and quality, as well as how the whole roofs are installed and how it is maintained by the homeowners. If your roof is already 15 years old or above, it may be more practical to replace the whole roof and install a new one, as damage may continue to arise due to its age. Contact a professional roofing contractor to make sure that you only get what you deserve.